Our Story

Superior Shea is a social impact venture, aimed to promote the value that comes from the African continent. From one of the most sustainable natural resources, the karite tree that bears our shea fruit, which we use to make shea butter, to the women, the backbone of Africa, who carefully craft our shea with their bare hands and wisdom of the ancestors -- we intend to highlight these beautiful creations that come from Africa, and to share knowledge of it with the world. 

We are a fair trade company that sells raw + unrefined, organic, all-natural, grade 1 shea butter made the traditional African way. We work directly with the Sissala Shea Cooperative in the Upper West region of Ghana to produce our shea. This cooperative was established throughout the district from our efforts to develop sustainable infrastructure and communities in the Sissala land. 

Social impact is our way. 50% of all sales profit is reinvested into the Sissala Shea Cooperative and funnels into healthcare and farmland cultivation services for our members. It also aids our member's schoolchildren, as we use these funds to donate educational materials. In the future, we look to collaboratively build a secondary school with community members in Tumu, where the cooperative headquarters is located.